How to select a proper battery?
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Generally, the deep cycle battery is your first recommendation, if the system is a back up system; you also can select economic float battery. (Note: you can not select the starter battery). Battery is used for energy stored in a system, which is the most important concern; it will affect the running cost and running reliability over your entire system; if you select a Gel battery with higher quality, it means you have to bear a higher cost. Further consideration, select AGM battery used in your system, the cost will be lower than a Gel battery; you also can select the traditional WET battery, the lack of this kind of WET battery is that you have to maintain the battery periodically, need to compensate the electrolyte liquid periodically, It is impossible to avoid the liquid spilled out when using a WET battery, so, you can consider some WET battery with maintenance free, it will be better than the cap-filled WET battery. Regarding the capacity of the battery, it depends on the power consumption of the load, in addition, the battery discharge level also affect the battery life; generally, you should not over-discharge the battery under 50% of the capacity level.