What is AH?
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AH is a unit of battery capacity, this unit indicates the battery capacity for the Deep cycle battery,

(Related energy store or current discharge), usually, AH value indicates 10 hours-AH, or 20 hours -AH, there are some other AH value, which depends on the different battery discharge rate,

For example: the battery marked 100AH, if it is a 10 hours-AH, it expresses the discharge current under 10Amp during 10 hours; if it is a 20 hour-AH, it expresses the discharge current under 5Amp during 20 hours, some batteries have not marked AH, these battery always belong to starter battery, they are used for the automotive or marine as engine start, this kind of engine start battery can not be used in solar charge system, our solar controller comes with LCD display, , you can learn about how many electricity energy have been charged into your battery via AH value displayed in LCD meter of the controller.