Should I select a PWM solar controller or select a MPPT solar controller?
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If your system is not a large power system, and the output voltage of solar panel is matched to the solar controller very well as per previous introduce, the PWM solar controller is an optimized selection for you; since the MPPT controller is not very helpful at this kind of situation, it can not obviously increase the energy convert efficiency, even if the output voltage of solar panel does not match the voltage of the solar controller very well, MPPT solar controller is built with higher cost, the economic benefit is still not very obvious.


In some solar systems with very large power applications, you can connect multi solar panels in series to deliver a high output voltage from solar panels, then charge to a 12V or 24V battery, at this kind of application, the MPPT controller will be helpful to increase the solar convert efficiency since the input current of solar controller will be lower and the dissipation on the input cable will be also smaller.