Support :
  • Should I select a PWM solar controller or select a MPPT solar controller?
  • What is PWM mode? What is MPPT mode?
  • What is the Equalization mode?
  • Can I charge the other types of battery except Lead acid battery?
  • Can I use my appliance when the battery is being charged from the solar panel?
  • Why do you need to install the in-line fuse between the battery and solar controller?
  • What’s happen in case you do a wrong setting for the battery type selection?
  • What is temperature compensation? Does your system need temp compensation?
  • How to engage the common grounded connection for a PWM solar controller?
  • How to select a proper battery type?
  • Can I use multi solar panels?
  • Can you charge multi batteries at meantime?
  • Do we need to select solar controller with waterproof type?
  • What is AH?
  • How to select a proper battery?
  • How to select a proper solar panel?
  • How to select a proper solar charge controller?
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