Who are we? - Powerporw Company

    Powerprow is a growth company focusing on the solar charge controller and power related products, being of R&D; manufacturing and marketing; our company is located at Shenzhen Guangdong, China, where is near to HK; We have a sophisticated R&D team and engineers have over many years experience in this industrial field; We strive for new energy power related products, including Solar charge controller, LED power supply, Dual battery system, battery monitor accessories, etc; The products are used with our own in-house designed software and established with Powerprow own features and performance, in addition, the combination of the flexible software and hardware makes our products more adaptable to customer’s demanding and applications.

    Our company is certified by ISO9001:2008 quality system, from the customer PO to the final goods delivery, all processes are under the control of ERP system, we are a self-contained manufacture and equipped with our own SMT, wave soldering, burn-in testing facilities and processes.

We are committed to provide the “one-stop” new energy power related solution and service to our clients.

Why are we here? - Philosophy and Mission

    We are a group of engineers and invested this company since we believe we can do something or make something different in this new energy industrial field, we know it sounds hyperbolic, but the things will be true.

    We do not pursue an large enterprise with large-scale but we dedicated to become a company with core-competitive capability, which is to focus on the technology and innovation, we always believe that an outstanding product consists of the following elements: more close to users demanding, unparalleled value and completely reliability, which all rely on the technology and innovations; we always trust there are many opportunities in every field at any time as long as you can do something more than other people: more research on the products, more concentration on the customer demand, more concern on the competitors; We are on a mission to bring POWERPROW to a famous company and brand widely accepted in this industrial field in the near future, we are here, and will stick for our future, make more values for our customers, shareholders, staffs and our partners.

Let us work together to make our ideas and missions to be true.

What do we do next? - Powerprow strategy

    Currently, we are a growth company, in the couple of next years, we will complete our full range PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers and inverters line; For the on-grid market, we will see some new directions and solutions to support this field; We will develop the high quality and high efficiency LED power, battery rejuvenator, etc; also, we will continue to develop battery charge accessories, dual battery systems, which all aim to the new energy power related products and solutions.

We are passionate here and strive for a long-term business in the new energy power related field, also, service our clients and customers for the long-term……

Core Competence ? - Powerprow Know-how

​​  As an excellent off-grid solar controller, firstly, it must be a superior design for the own customer “Battery”, in nowadays, the battery technology and workmanship grow up fast, Lead Crystal battery, Gel battery, AGM battery, Calcium contented battery, EFB battery and traditional Flooded battery are always provided different charging characteristics, the new Li-ion battery, LFP battery and LTO battery develop fast too; when it is charged by solar energy, they are always being an under-charge state or is not experienced the precise charge; Powerprow solar controllers are committed to fully charge your battery and make your battery with the precise charging parameters and performance; in addition, use our unique charging algorithm to make sure to prolong your battery life; Secondly, a good solar controller, it can be used under all kinds of extreme circumstance, regardless works in a surge power lighting system, or works in a high temperature or high humidity environments, even outdoor use or in marine use, Powerprow solar controllers are used with the industrial grade microchips and power components, also avoid using life-limited electrolyte capacitors on our high class models, which are making the product life span as longer as possible; Thirdly, for a valuable product, must deliver the maximum energy harvest, it requests our design and system obtaining a very high efficiency and very low dissipation, Powerprow products are striving for operating in high power efficiency with our latest power convert topology and technology.


We hope to gain recognition from you and service for you!